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BREAST LIFT - Mastopexy

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After a considerable weight loss by dieting as well as after pregnancy, breasts tend to sag and they often shrink in size.

The breast lift surgery helps to recontour the breasts and lift the nipples. In some cases breast implants are also necessary in order to restore the original breast volume.

Once you have decided to have a breast lift, Dr.Glusac will explain the entire procedure to you. You can tell him all your expectations and needn’t hesitate to ask any questions. A mammogram (breast X-rays) and a routine breast exam are required before the surgery.

Surgical Procedure: There are numerous surgical techniques, depending on the brest size and shape. The most frequently performed ones are the following:

1. Vertical technique with scar around the nipple and a single vertical scar extending downwards. There are some small wrinkles for two months which disappear in time.

2. Peri-areolar technique with just one circular scar around the nipple. Initially there are some wrinkles, but they disappear under the pressure of the mammary gland. It is not suitable for large breasts.

If augmentation of breasts is to be done, an implant can be placed in front or behind the gland, but most often under muscle. 
Post Surgical Recovery: Resuming normal activities after 5-7 days. Special bra is recommended.

CANDIDATES: Aged 18 to 70 
SCARS: There are scars around and below the nipples.
ANESTHESIA: General anesthesia.
RECOVERY: 1 to 2 weeks.
Sports and physical activities can usually be resumed after 3 weeks.


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