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FAT TRANSFER (Autologus Fat Implants)

Depressions on the face or body can be corrected with one's own fat.


Lips can also be pumped with fat.

Fat grafting to the lips as a stand-alone procedure can be performed in the office under local anaesthetic.

Nowadays is autologus fat (adipose tissue) transfer a number one filling agent for wrinkles and creases on our faces. This procedure can be done alone or in combination with other facial rejuvenation procedures like face lifting or eyelid surgery to treat wrinkles. Since it is the patient’s own fat there is no risk of rejection and no possibility of allergies.

The Procedure:
This operation is done under local anesthesia during which a very tiny incision is made in the donor site, usually the abdomen. The fat is then centrifuged and reinjected via fine needle cannulas. No sutures are needed.

Post Operatory
The patient leaves after the procedure is done. We always place some ice over the treated areas so there is the least swelling possible. You can expect swelling for the first 48 hours. However, they are very easy to cover up with makeup


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