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Facial plastic surgeon Branko Glusac, M.D. specializes in Rhinoplasty. He has pioneered the "un-nose job", the nose job that never looks like one. To do this, he has developed a revolutionary new technique known as "nasal memory surgery"

Dr. Glusac was chosen as one of the TOP facial plastic surgeons by GLOSS MAGAZINE

One of the "Best Doctors in Croatia“, the skilled hands of this surgeon have reshaped some of the most famous faces of our time, why not yours, too?

Dr. Glusac - King of noses


Dr. Glusac appeared some of the most reputable Croatian media




Surgery of the Nose - Rhinoplasty
"Before I had my surgery, I had always been self-conscious about my profile and never wanted my picture taken. Now, I feel and look the way I have always envisioned myself to be. Dr. Glusac is truly an artist - keeping the integrity of my nose, he helped me look like myself, only better. I was back to work in 2 weeks and everyone comments on how much younger I look. It was the best decision I have ever made." 

"My rhinoplasty experience was an extremely positive one - both the operation as well as the results. Many of my fears and anxieties were alleviated, just knowing that I was in the hands of Dr. Glusac. His warmth and enthused confidence in how he would improve my nose - coupled with his expertise - immediately put me at ease on the day of the operation. The results are amazing. Dr. Glusac managed to fix my entire problem - area in the most natural of ways. My new nose fits me naturally and perfectly. My friends and colleagues who know of the procedure have all been astounded at how natural my "new look" is. Dr. Glusac did a remarkable job."

"I first went to Dr. Glusac for botox and had questions about a possible brow lift. Dr. Glusac listened to me and answered all my questions. He was never pushy and told me to take time to think about it. I decided to have the procedure done several months later, and the results are beautiful. It looks very natural. Dr. Glusac and his staff were there for me every step of the way. He is not only a perfectionist, he cares too! I am very happy and pleased with my overall experience; I would recommend Dr. Glusac to a family member, friend and people looking for a top-notch doctor."  

"I am so grateful to wonderful Dr. Glusac who has given me back my youthful face. I could not imagine a better result!"

Dear Dr. Glusac, Thanks for a careful and safe procedure, you are the best. Let me know if you need me to show your work to your patients. I'll be there."

"Dear Dr. Glusac, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with my Botox. To be honest, being a professional myself, and a picky artist on top of it, I have always been leery about having someone else than me working on me! You did a great job and I am so happy to know that I can refer my clientele without any fear. Sincerely" 
K.L., H.G.

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